Building Strong and Innovative Foundations | Scotia Screw Piles and Fencing

Building Strong and Innovative Foundations | Scotia Screw Piles and Fencing

Oftentimes small business owners come from diverse work experiences which has led them to find inspiration to start their own business. This is true for Bobby MacLean who brings a multifaceted background to the table. “My journey has taken me through various industries,” says Bobby. “I’ve worked in automotive, traveled to Alberta to work in the oilfields, operated a construction business, and most recently, started a metal fabrication business, Aggressive Metal Fabrication.”

After purchasing a piece of heavy equipment for Aggressive Metal Fabrication, Bobby decided he wanted to maximize the function of this expensive piece of equipment. From this idea, the derivative of his metal fabrication business was created, Scotia Screw Piles and Fencing. Scotia Screw Piles and Fencing primarily offers services related to fence posts and foundational structures using screw piles. These screw piles serve as a versatile alternative to traditional concrete foundations. It’s a diverse product making it suitable for various projects, from residential to commercial.

Scotia Screw Piles and Fencing distinguishes itself by filling a unique niche, especially in Cape Breton. “While screw piles are used worldwide and even in other parts of Nova Scotia, they are relatively new to Cape Breton,” Bobby stated. “Currently, there is no one else in the CBRM offering these services, and we aim to make them available to the entire island and beyond.”

One of Scotia Screw Piles and Fencing’s goals is to educate the community about the benefits and versatility of screw piles. “We want people to understand the product better,” Bobby said. “We’re more than happy to provide information and even work with engineers to build appropriate foundation systems for various projects. Screw piles offer quick installation and changeability, this foundation can be moved if you decide that its original placement was not the right location.”

As Scotia Screw Piles and Fencing continues to grow and expand, Bobby encourages people to reach out, even if it’s just to ask questions. “We’re eager to engage with the community,” he said. “Building relationships with clients, whether businesses or consumers, is one of the perks of the job. We’re here to help, we can do a site survey to see if our product is suitable for the project.”

When asked if there was any advice Bobby would offer to other business owners, he highlighted the importance of collaboration. “Having a strong support network of other vendors within the metal fabrication community has been invaluable,” he shared. “It truly takes a village, and that applies not just to families but to businesses too.”

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