Finding Success With Lifelong Passions | RISE Results

Finding Success With Lifelong Passions | RISE Results

Noelle MacLean, Founder & President of RISE Results Business Services, found her passion for business and marketing very early on. She recalls writing her first ad at just 9 years old. She always knew she wanted to be in the business of supporting other businesses. Others on the team share a similar story; with Gayle Bird, Director of Information Design, working on lettering at just 7 years old and deciding she wanted to be a signmaker, and Steven Rolls, Director of Creative Services, selling art in junior high school before printers became popular.

In her previous role as Director of Marketing for the island’s tourism marketing body, Destination Cape Breton, Noelle learned about gaps in the industry surrounding market research so she started RISE Research and Analytics. In the beginning, she supported other consultants in developing business and marketing plans by providing research reports. During this process, she met an incredible mentor who was a marketing and business development consultant who took Noelle under her wing to introduce her to the possibility of doing more business. RISE began to not only supply research to other consultants but also to do their own consulting work. From there the business grew into RISE Results, a full-service marketing and business development agency. RISE is an acronym for research, insights, strategy, and execution.

In addition to their passions for sales, marketing, design, and event organizing the RISE team is passionate about Cape Breton Island and community development. For the past eight and a half years, RISE has been working with non-profit organizations, Indigenous organizations and communities, and the tourism industry. The well-rounded team now includes Leslie Fu, a CBU MBA graduate and Greg Curry, a talented photographer and videographer. With backgrounds in education, social media, marketing, research, writing, photography, economic development, design and more, the RISE team enjoys being part of their clients’ entire journey. They may start with a business plan or feasibility study then move into their marketing strategy, designing a logo, building the website, and creating social media campaigns. RISE Results can help clients from early stages throughout their entire life cycle. 

One of the RISE team’s favorite things about doing business in the CBRM is the connections they are able to make with other businesses. They appreciate how open other businesses are to discussing things no matter what field they are in. The team enjoys communicating with other businesses, sharing information with staff, and being able to help each othe. Also, noting how important it is to work with and build relationships with like-minded people who are all striving to create a better CBRM. 

To help support their fellow Downtown Sydney business owners during the reconstruction of Charlotte Street, RISE Results reached out to the Downtown Sydney Development Association and offered to facilitate a discussion and put together a small social media plan for businesses to use to communicate with their customers throughout the construction process. In addition to this, they also developed a report with a step-by-step guide to help businesses mitigate the challenges of construction and approach it with a positive perspective.

When asked if she had any advice for fellow business owners, Noelle said, “Sometimes business owners are faced with challenges that feel like a mountain too tall to climb. You have to be able to look ahead to the other side and see where you want your business to go. Gather the support that you need and have the will inside of you to keep going towards your dream.”

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