From Egypt to Sydney - Entrepreneurial Inspiration from a Young Age


As we grow, each of us aspires to be something incredible. For Nagy Abdou, he spent his life determined to one day become a successful entrepreneur.

“I really wanted to break into the restaurant industry and try something different,” shares Nagy, co-owner of 7by7 and The Parlour Sweet House. “Both businesses came together because my business partner, Ibraham Geissa, and I had the perfect building for it.”

7by7 and The Parlour Sweet House opened in August of 2019, just months before Nagy graduated from Cape Breton University (CBU) with a Bachelor of Business Administration, Major in Marketing.

“Part of our business model is built on how we inspire our staff, so one thing we love to do is get them involved. We will have development days where we close the business for a day and all of our team comes together to brainstorm unique and fun menu items.”

Nagy and Ibraham encourage their team to suggest dishes from their hometown, creating a menu that is both inclusive and diverse. “I know quite a bit about food but I certainly don’t know everything, and my staff has strengths in those areas. It’s important for them to know that they are vital to the team.”

7by7 and the Parlour are not Nagy’s first business endeavors. Originally from Egypt, he has been heavily involved in the entrepreneurial world from a young age.

“I started my first business when I was 16 years old, a clothing shop in my hometown of Kom Hamada, Egypt. When I was ready to take the next step and attend university, I packed up and moved to Cairo, where I started my second business, a real estate agency.”

As Nagy grew up he was surrounded by marketing, accounting, and sales, his parents working in the industries that inspired him to open his clothing and real estate businesses.

“I was keen to know more and understand how it all worked; what worked well and what didn’t; what can be improved and how; and how can I start my own enterprise. I am invested in business, and thanks to the foundation my parents gave me, every day I strive to learn more to become a successful entrepreneur.”

Nagy was proud of his accomplishments in Egypt but felt like he was destined to do more. It was this feeling that brought him to Canada, more specifically, Cape Breton Island.

“I wanted to explore new cultures and I found out that the university I attend in Cairo has an agreement with CBU where students are able to study abroad in Canada. I decided that was the path I wanted to take so I hopped on a full day flight and flew to Cape Breton to continue my business degree and to discover my next endeavor.”

Nagy has always been one to take chances, and that is a common trait among all successful entrepreneurs.

“Entering business at a young age is very challenging and it will never come easy, but the most rewarding experiences are just that,” Nagy told the Chamber. “You need to know that the business world is always going to be hard but it is open to everyone because it craves new ideas and exciting experiences. Cape Breton has a strong business community, and the entrepreneurs here learn from each other because we are stronger together.”

You can visit Nagy, Ibraham, and the rest of their team for supper tonight and enjoy a variety of dishes and homemade desserts at 272 Charlotte Street, or order online at