Reaching New Heights in Cape Breton


Our island is a destination surrounded by bright blue waters, unforgettable landscapes, and breathtaking views. Thanks to Parker Horton and Matt Wallace, we can all get an exclusive taste of our island from the skies.

Owners of Breton Air, Parker and Matt wanted to give back to the community by offering the opportunity to experience the thrill of flying in a helicopter while taking in the extraordinary views that sit in our own backyard.

“Our most favourite thing in the world is to show people Cape Breton Island and listen to the remarks they make out of amazement,” shares Parker.

Both with a background in the Canadian Forces, Matt spent his time flying the Sea King and landing on the back of destroyers all over the world, whereas Parker was air force logistics, working with a lot of different types of helicopters. With a shared dream of offering a one of a kind experience, Parker and Matt embarked on their journey to make Breton Air a reality.

Breton Air launched in 2019 with three staff and one single helicopter. In just over a year, the team grew to six staff and three helicopters.

“Whether it be transporting golfers from our hangar to Cabot Links, or taking a family up in the skies to view the island from an aerial view for the first time, we love what we do,” Parker told the Chamber. “We do tourism operations based in our new location in Ingonish, as well as here at the hangar. We also have a helicopter pad at the Sydney waterfront. Those are our main tourism locations.”

Parker and Matt have always looked at Breton Air as an enabler; reducing proximity to key locations. “If we can get you closer to another key attraction, then we can help drive business in other areas around the island, and then everyone is winning.”

But Breton Air is more than leisure and transportation, they are also a tool. Parker, Matt, and the rest of their team are working hard on the development of key tourist locations around the island, like Ski Cape Smokey’s gondola and tree walk.

“Tourism and transportation is a huge facet of the business, however, we like to educate people on what the capabilities of helicopters really are.” Breton Air’s Bell 412HP helicopter is the largest twin utility helicopter in Atlantic Canada. With this helicopter, they are able to sling 4000 pounds of materials under it, which is an incredible new capability for the region if you ask us!

Parker and Matt also charter private jets from all over North America offering an exclusive luxury experience with a destination of visiting our island.

One of the coolest things about doing business on Cape Breton Island is the support they receive every day from the locals.

“We have a lot of passionate people that are a part of our team,” says Parker. “Gilbert Laffin joined Breton Air before we even had a helicopter and a license to operate. He left his job, sold his house, and moved he and his wife home to Cape Breton because he believed in this so passionately. That is what doing business in Cape Breton is all about the people who boost you up because they want you to succeed, and because they believe in the economic future of our island.”

To find out more about Breton Air and how you can experience the flight of a lifetime you can visit their website at