Nominate for the 2024 Philanthropy Leadership Award

Introduced in 2023, the Philanthropy Leadership Award is awarded annually to an individual/group that has had a profound effect on the Philanthropic sector in Cape Breton through fundraising, volunteering, and inspiring others to donate in the previous year. The award recognizes individuals/groups who have made significant philanthropic contributions despite it not being the primary objective of their career or organization.

This individual/group inspires charitable acts and encourages others to give. With their dedication to charitable causes, they inspire others and collectively advance the missions of organizations in the community around them. Their commitment leads to impact and change. Either through commitment of time through volunteer work or by offering of talent to fundraise, this individual/group has deeply impacted the people who are served by charities and not-for-profits.

This individual/group supports projects and endeavors from which the people of (and beyond) Cape Breton benefit. They also may support efforts that are considered controversial, which will unlikely gain widespread support from the general public or the government.

This individual/group works to improve the well-being of the people in Cape Breton by helping to prevent and solve social problems. Others have taken notice of their contributions to a cause. They wield influence in their community and when they use that influence for good, it has a significant impact.

*This is an award based on philanthropic contributions in the previous year, not an induction into the Philanthropy Hall of Fame which is based on lifetime contributions.