Business Masterclass Series

Business Masterclass Series: A 4-Part Series to Help Elevate Your Business

This 4-part lunch and learn series will be led by Permjot Valia, the Entrepreneur in Residence for Navigate. Permjot has invested in more than 50 companies around the world and will share the lessons he has learned from seeing these companies succeed and fail. This series brings together those lessons across many business sectors.

Each 90 minute session will be catered and hosted at the Convent in Sydney’s historic north-end. This series is complimentary for all Chamber members and Innovacorp members. For non-members, the course fee will be $50 per course, or $150 to attend the whole series. There are limited spots available, so please contact the Chamber to register today by phoning 902-564-6453 or [email protected]

Our second session of the Business Masterclass Series “Responding to a Changing Environment” will be held virtually over Zoom and you can register here

Strategy You Can Use

Date: April 22
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Cost: Free for Chamber Members

There are over 100 models that a business can use to help them design, develop and implement Strategy. It is overwhelming and many of those models remain too theoretical to be helpful. In this dynamic and fast moving talk, Permjot explains why companies small and large need to understand what their Objective, Strategy and Tactics are and how to distinguish between them. It then moves to explore a model we can all use and that can help us plan exactly what we need to do to set our path for viable and rapid growth.

Responding to a Changing Environment

Date: May 20
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Cost: Free for Chamber Members

It is often said that no business strategy survives first contact with a customer. This is often true. In this talk, we explore how to avoid this pitfall by having a plan that can detect and respond quickly to the external environment. Building on the first session this talk will give you the practical skills to incorporate into your growth strategy a plan for being able to respond quickly to changes – and to spot those changes.

This session will be held virtually over Zoom and you must register through the link below to attend this session.

Learning by Unlearning

Date: June 24
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Cost: Free for Chamber Members

Growth requires new ways of thinking and acceptance of the need for a challenge from our colleagues, advisors and staff. But this is not easy. This very challenging talk explores many of the flaws that help develop our thinking and how to recognise and challenge them and to more broadly look at how we can become better at learning and jettison thoughts that may get in the way of pursuing growth opportunities

Scaling Up

Date: July 22
Time: 12:00pm – 1:30pm
Cost: Free for Chamber Members

We have learned how to develop a great strategy, understand how the environment can shape our plans and how we can increase our ability to learn and respond from new information. Now we need to develop our ability to make it happen. This session focuses on how companies can scale up and execute on the plans they have made.

Courses are complimentary to Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce members and Innovacorp members. For non-members, the course fee will be $50 per course or $150 to attend the whole series.

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