Communication Skills for Frontline Employees | Free Workplace Education

Start Date: Thursday October 5th
Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Location: Virtual via Zoom
Cost: Free

Course Description

The intention of this program is to provide participants with an overview and understanding of the role of oral communications; knowing how to hear, respect and validate people; and creating open and meaningful lines of communication in a small- to medium-sized business. Ultimately, this course is designed to encourage participants to implement the concepts, techniques, tools, and templates presented into their daily work life.

Learning Outcomes (based on standardized content):

  • Effectively interpreting basic body language cues
  • Effectively interpreting para-verbal communication
  • Enhancing active listening skills
  • Identifying and applying the four main communication styles
  • Identifying the impact of intention
  • Identifying and navigating triangulation in the workplace
  • Applying best practices in workplace communication
  • Improving communication when working with individuals of different generations
  • Preparing for and participating in difficult conversations