Restrictions Ending | COVID-19 Update

Today, March 21st, is the day we’ve been anticipating for the last two years. After two long years of public health orders, today is the day all restrictions come to an end here in Nova Scotia.

As we look back over the last two years, this wasn’t only a health crisis but an economic crisis, as well. We reflect on those who lost their lives and have been chronically impacted with health issues while also thinking of those businesses and employees who lost income or their jobs during this period.

As the state of emergency comes to an end today, we say thank you to the essential workers, in every definition of the term, whose dedication to our community kept us afloat. The healthcare workers, who went in every day on the frontlines of the pandemic, the grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations who went in and sustained us all while we were ordered to stay home. Thank you. Your commitment to Cape Breton hasn’t gone unnoticed. Thank you to each and every one of you who continued to Step Up for Local during this pandemic. Your initiative to shop local made immeasurable contributions to our local economy.

As things open today, we look forward to reconnecting with you all in person, but we will continue to be cautious. COVID isn’t going away, and it is something we are all going to have to learn to live with. As we say, please be considerate of others during this period. There is nothing wrong with continuing to follow the guidelines that have kept us safe for the past two years. Whether that is social distancing, wearing a mask, or limiting social gatherings, we are able to proceed in a manner that we feel is in everyone’s best interest. The goal has always been to limit the spread and possible illness of COVID-19, and that should continue as we fully reopen Nova Scotia’s economy, just this time without legislated restrictions.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in person in the coming weeks and months ahead. The Chamber has many events, networking opportunities, and education courses planned, and we’re excited to engage with you all face-to-face. Know that we at the Chamber will always advocate on our Member’s behalf, and although government support has slowed down, we’ll continue to work together to build a thriving, confident community where business needs to be.

Thank you.
And as always, stay safe,
The Cape Breton Regional Chamber of Commerce Team.